Impulse IQ Adjusting Instruments

New tools for treatment can deliver numerous benefits. Here at Capitol Hill Chiropractic Care, we’re committed to using the latest technology to more effectively treat residents of First Hill, South Lake Union, and the larger Seattle area. We’re doing all of that with the help of Neuromechanical Innovations. Find out how tools provided by Neuromechanical Innovations are revolutionizing the field of chiropractic care. Experience the benefits yourself and understand why those tools are destined to stick around.


The Therapeutic Tools Provided by Neuromechanical Innovations

Servicing Capitol Hill residents is our number one priority at our clinic. That’s why we continually integrate new technology into our approach. We believe that doing so allows us to provide a higher level of care and it also prepares us for innovations coming down the line. Tools developed by Neuromechanical Innovations exemplify how technology can be effectively applied to chiropractic treatment. The Impulse and the Impulse iQ adjustment instruments are the specific tools we’re currently using.

The Impulse

When using the Impulse tool, our chiropractor can use its speed to his advantage. The Impulse is capable of administering chiropractic adjustments that are 100 times faster than normal. Thanks to that speed, the adjustments are more likely to be effective. The adjustments can also be completed in a shorter amount of time, meaning you’ll be able to experience relief sooner. Upon learning about how quickly the Impulse works, you may be wary of its impact on your body. Rest assured that the chiropractor is in complete control of the tool at all times. The amount of force applied with the Impulse can be adjusted based on your needs.

The Impulse iQ

The Impulse iQ adjustment instrument is all about tailoring care specifically to the patient, and it comes loaded with features that make that possible. Featured in the Impulse iQ is Neuromechanical Innovations’ patented Auto-Sense technology, which provides instant feedback while adjustments are begin made. The Impulse iQ also sends out audible indicators that the chiropractor can listen to. Those audible indicators allow the chiropractor to fine-tune their chiropractic adjustments to the benefit of their patients. Our chiropractor can also make minuscule adjustments as necessary. This will help us further optimize the care we’re providing.

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Technology is changing the way people receive treatment and that is not going to stop anytime soon. We at Capitol Hill Chiropractic want residents of First Hill, South Lake Union, and the larger Seattle area to continually benefit from those exciting innovations. Call us today at (206) 623-5202 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.