Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint among people ranging from old to young. It might sprout up as a result of injuries, like a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Knee pain may begin as mild discomfort, then gradually get debilitating. It is important to get knee pain treated so it does not worsen. At Capitol Hill Chiropractic, servicing Capitol Hill, First Hill, South Lake Union, and the larger Seattle area, WA, we can help. Our chiropractor, Dr. Lawrence Thomas, provides a variety of natural treatment methods for knee pain.


What Is Knee Pain?

Knee pain can come from a variety of factors. Most sportspeople who involve themselves in strenuous exercises, like quick pivoting or jumping, are more susceptible to knee pain problems. Many propagators of knee pain are associated with ageing, personal injury, or recurring stress on the knee. The majority of people experience knee pain at some point in their lifetime. In some instances, knee pain can become very severe and can disrupt your daily activities. For others, mild knee pain might be a chronic hindrance to the active lifestyle they cherish. Women are more at risk of suffering from knee pain than men.

Symptoms of Knee Pain

  • Swelling and stiffness
  • Inability to straighten your knee
  • Constant ache
  • Instability or weakness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Redness around the knee

Causes of Knee Pain

Common causes of knee pain include:

  • Bursitis: This condition causes inflammation from recurring pressure on the knees arising from kneeling for a long time, overuse, or a prevailing injury.
  • Torn meniscus: If you abruptly twist your knee while bearing weight, this can tear the meniscus.
  • Patellofemoral syndrome: This is pain emanating in the back of the knee that worsens when taking stairs, climbing, or walking up an incline. When you strain tendons that interconnect muscles with your bones, they can become inflamed.
  • Fractures: During auto accidents or falls, the knee cap, including the patella, can get broken. Moreover, people whose bones are generally weakened by osteoporosis might sustain a knee fracture if they take the wrong step. 

How Our Chiropractor Provides Knee Pain Relief

When you first visit us, Dr. Thomas will perform a physical exam to look for the root cause of your pain. After a diagnosis, we will make a customized treatment plan for you. This can include a combination of techniques, such as:

  • Adjustments: Realigning the body will alleviate any extra pressure on the knee joint.
  • Massage therapy: A soft tissue massage around the knee will mitigate inflammation, enhancing blood flow and promoting healing.
  • Physical rehabilitation: This can include therapies and exercises to improve your range of motion and help your knee heal.

Visit Our Chiropractor in Seattle, WA for Knee Pain Relief

If you are suffering from knee pain, we can help. At Capitol Hill Chiropractic, servicing Capitol Hill, First Hill, South Lake Union, and the larger Seattle area, WA, our chiropractor will alleviate your pain. Call us today to schedule an appointment.